pacworlds game

pacworlds logo PACWORLDS is a fun game project that was developed as android application. On our site you can play this pac-man style game for free.


PACWORLDS is a remake of the legendary arcade game. The essence of the gameplay is as follows: you play as a yellow ball, whose task is to collect all the red squares in the current WORLD. If you can get all the squares, then the user will open a portal to the next WORLD.

GHOSTS are the only obstacle to achieving the goal. In order to successfully complete the WORLD, you need to bypass the ghosts. However, please note that the further you advance in the game, the higher the level of artificial intelligence of the GHOSTS, which adds to the gaming excitement.

ghost ghost ghost There are some changes comparing with classic Pacman. For example, instead of the usual background, landscapes now flaunt in front of the user. In addition, the developers have added temporary bonuses that will make it easier to pass the levels. Additionally, a teleport appeared in the presented arcade. With it, you can instantly move through the WORLD. Also, the creators of the project added a few more minor changes. However, the user interface of the arcade has remained simple and straightforward.

Ultimately, you should pay attention to the visual part, which is slightly different from the original product. At the same time, the general atmosphere, picture and musical sequence are reminiscent of the legendary Pacman arcade. Also, the developers have adapted the controls for the features of touch screens. Just move your finger right, left, up or down in any place of the screen and pac-man will go to this direction. As for desktop computers, it is enough to use the arrows keys to control the game.

Main features: